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Premium Roasted Coffee Beans A4

Premium Roasted Coffee Beans A4

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– 50% Arabica: THA1, Catimor
– 50% Robusta: TR4
– Humidity: ≤ 5%; Caffeine: ≥ 1%

Flavor: Jackfruit, caramel, dark chocolate

Aeroco coffee products are 100% naturally roasted, free of additives and preservatives, utilize closed end-to-end processes from planting, harvesting, processing to storage and roasting with our utmost care and responsibility.

Vacuum seal.

Standards: Rainforest Alliance, ISO 22000, HACCP CODEX Alimentarius, FDA (USA)


Usage Instruction:
Add 20 grams of ground coffee into the filter, gently shake (not using the inner lid), pour 40ml of hot water from 940C to 960C into the filter and wait 30 seconds for the coffee to moisten. Pour an additional 40ml of hot water below 960C, wait 5 minutes and enjoy your coffee.
Note: Best use within one month after opening