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Aeroco Filter Bags Coffee

Aeroco Filter Bags Coffee

135.000 VNĐ

Aeroco specialty coffee products are 100% naturally roasted, free of additives and preservatives, utilize closed end-to-end processes from planting, harvesting, processing to storage and roasting with our utmost care and responsibility.

Standards: Rainforest Alliance, ISO 22000, HACCP CODEX Alimentarius, FDA (USA)


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Usage Instructions:
1. Tear the filter bag along the dotted line. Place hangers onto cup
2. Slowly pour 24ml of hot water (940C – 960C) into the filter bag and
wait 30 seconds for coffee to moisten. Then pour an additional 24ml of
hot water (940C – 960C) into the bag.
3. After 4-5 minutes, remove the bag and enjoy coffee.