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About Us

The standard of clean coffee was proposed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as a clean production process, not adversely affecting to the ecological environment, the product is not contaminated with chemical residues, mycotoxin and safe for coffee growers.The standard of clean coffee was proposed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as a clean production process, not adversely affecting to the ecological environment, the product is not contaminated with chemical residues, mycotoxin and safe for coffee growers.

To produce clean coffee, coffee growers must reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, using organic fertilizers instead (green manure, compost, microbial organic fertilizer, etc.), limit the use of pesticides, moderate watering, saving water and not adversely affecting to soil and ecosystems.

Clean coffee has become the most sought-after product on the market today because of its responsibility and value to the ecological environment. Accompanied system of land, wate,r vegetation resources andmicroorganisms are ensured and maintained well.

In Daklak, with the advantages of the largest coffee area, the development of clean coffee area is inevitable. The problem now is how to make farmers truly aware that clean coffee production is the current inevitable trend of the world; At the same time, how to get real businesses involved to work with farmers to make the highest quality coffee products, able to compete with the coffee of other countries in the world in terms of price. Currently, in the market, the majority of coffee processing units only announce clean and pure coffee mainly from the purchase of coffee in some agricultural establishments, then sorting seeds and roasting, then call itpure materials.

So, have we really enjoyed a whole cup of really clean coffee from the stage of cultivation and processing?

Coffee processing farm area: Aeroco coffee, in Eakao

Magical change

Coffee is a daily drink, a habit of every morning or start of a story and work. A cup of coffee helps you to be alert and productive. You love coffee and want to enjoy it every day. But this is just a routine or you can’t really survive without this mesmerizing drink? As a coffee believer I think I’ve used it daily as a taste of life which cannot be replaced.

But, being born and growing up in the central highlands Daklak – capital of coffee, I always hace the question: Do I really drink clean coffee? Are planting and harvesting really clean???

Many questions have been asked. However, to clarify this issue, with the pride of being the son of the heavenly land of Daklak, I have not hesitated, from a coffee drinker, choosing a path that is probably difficult. I became a producer of coffee with responsible, scientific and rigorous process of growing, harvesting and roasting and I am always attentive about what I have made from the farm and process together with farmers and the Central Highlands Agricultural Science Institute. We have decided not to use any kind of plants protection product, fertilizing coffee trees entirely with organic and natural environment-friendly materials if yields may go down but the quality of coffee beans is a totally different outcome.When we collect,the coffee beans are completely ripe, giving coffee lovers the value of a drink that we deserve to drink without having to ask if it is pure and clean coffee or not?

Let honor the true value of a special tree of basalt land which is mentioned as the coffee capital. I would love to show off to you and all over the world my farm where I create a cup of coffee, where our farmers have changed the way of production and the way to enjoy a cup of coffee in order to to protect their own health and your health as well. It is the place where you can enjoy the full range of natural flavors, personally pick each ripe coffee bean and prepared your own cup of coffee, enjoying a plentiful taste, natural fruit and flower flavor, moderate sour taste, sweet and passionate flavor after bitterness.


Responsibilities of the farm

Thay đổi đời sống của cộng đồng, tạo thu nhập bền vững cho các nông hộ theo chủ trương định hướng của nhà nước, tạo công ăn việc làm cho những người lao động yếu thế, đóng góp kinh tế cho xã hội địa phương.

Changing the life of the community, creating sustainable income for farmers under the orientation of the state, creating jobs for disadvantaged workers, contributing to the local society.

Building a chain of connection in the consumption of clean agricultural products that can be traded online from farmers to consumers.

Increasing the value and quality of coffee and other agricultural products in the direction of clean and organic agriculture, provideing plants with enough inputs to achieve the best quality and giving no harm to the environment.

Mission of Aeroco coffee

For benefits of the community

Principles of operation:

Managing cultivation in the direction of sustainable farming, strengthening organic, protecting the living environment of gardens from people who are farmers to ecosystems.

Harvesting products with science and process right from the time when the coffee beans are fresh, the coffee fruits harvested are evenly ripe, not fallen to the ground and processed by 100% wet processing technology, then preserved strictly.

Processing products under a meticulous process with 100% stainless steel containers to all kinds of roasting machines that are guaranteed, preserved and closely monitored during the roasting process to the end of the roasting work. Thus, the delicious taste of coffee is kept.


All members of the company are partners creating a value chain that brings a special coffee flavor with the dedication and effort from farmers to cups of coffee to customers as recognition, encouraging us to strive for every day to bring the best cup of coffee.

Customer are the driving force

Every day the customer raises and uses Aeroco Coffee’s coffee. It is a source of encouragement for a long story from coffee growers, cultivators, factory workers to service personnel. The friendly feeling of customers interested in using the coffee of the farm is a happy ending for a beautiful story so our farm is really grateful to customers who care about us. We commit to do better every day to deserve that trust.