What is paper filter coffee? Let's find out with Aeroco Coffee

You must be a person who loves to drink coffee. Why do I know? Because only those who love the "fascinating" aroma of coffee, it is impossible to start a new day full of excitement without a bitter taste on the tip of the tongue to search and read information related to coffee.

But because you are so busy with work that you do not have time to sit and sip a cup of coffee traditional roadside, or do not have time to make your own? So have you ever wondered, why can you save your time with a very convenient and unique cup of paper filter coffee? Let Aeroco Coffee speak for you!

What is paper filter coffee?

What is filter coffee, have you ever heard of it? If you are not a connoisseur of "addictive" coffee, many people are still unfamiliar with this concept. The English name of the paper filter coffee is Drip Bag coffee, or Vietnamese people often call it with the familiar and easy-to-remember name of filter bag coffee, filter paper coffee. That's why, in simple and easy to understand terms, this is roasted coffee in a filter bag made of paper, and what makes these filter bags different is that Aeroco Coffee designed and used Using it like a coffee filter is extremely convenient and does not take much time to make a delicious cup of coffee.

Paper filter coffee

So, with traditional aluminum filter coffee,  Drip Bag coffee is much "simpler" in terms of ingredients as well as a very simple preparation process, it can be said that this is a break with the old style. Before, we wanted to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee but had to go through many stages such as: Pouring coffee into the filter, pouring water in, waiting for the coffee to drip, waiting for a while before enjoying. At the present time, to meet the "quick" needs of many people, paper filter coffee was born as a "sniff" that is suitable for the pocket of the vast majority of people today. And every morning, wherever you are, anytime you just need to bring a pack of coffee and in less than 5 minutes you will have a cup of fragrant, rich coffee waiting for you to enjoy. You know, paper filter coffee does not have to go through the same stages as traditional coffee. Now, let's dig deeper into its benefits with Aeroco Coffee !

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What are the benefits of using paper filter coffee?

Quick for busy people

It can be said that coffee filter paper was born for busy people. We want to enjoy coffee, it takes 5 -10 minutes to make 1 cup of pure coffee and it takes time to clean, preserve the filter, wait for the coffee drops... Then from now on, With just a very convenient coffee filter, you can quickly get addicted to coffee in just a "second". First, you cut the mouth of the filter bag along the line, then pull the bag handle to fit the coffee cup, then make just enough boiling water to moisten the coffee powder for 30 seconds, then continue to make boiling water. According to the right amount of water to drink, you will have a cup of coffee as desired. Then, since they're disposable coffee filters, you can simply those them in the trash bag and you're done. It's quick and doesn't take much of everyone's time! This is a savior for busy people, or those who are "lazy" to make a cup of coffee.

Easy to enjoy anywhere

Through an investigation into the lives of many people, in order to meet the needs of drinking coffee all the time, whether at home or on business trips or travelling, paper filter coffee is still very convenient. It was born as an extremely effective and indispensable companion for everyone in every trip and journey or any time and anywhere waiting for you ahead. Why do you say that? You see, in the past to be able to drink a cup of coffee when we were away from home, we often had to carry a coffee filter and a kilo of powdered coffee.

However, for business trips, short trips, backpacking trips, you cannot bring so many items. Now, with coffee filter paper, you can solve this problem right away. Comfortable to carry with absolutely no “noise”. At any time whether it's the office, conference or travel, the paper filter coffee bags will always be ready to explode with you! Easy to enjoy anywhere and anytime, extremely convenient such as: Take it to work, travel or at the conference office,... Just boiling water you will have a cup of coffee right away. fragrant and flavorful.

Paper filter coffee

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Pure roasted coffee

With today's convenient instant coffee lines, they often no longer retain the inherent rustic flavor, but they contain a lot of colorants, flavoring agents, preservatives that make the coffee taste change,...  Question is often interested by many people, is the paper filter coffee still keeping the taste? You can rest assured about this issue because in the coffee filter paper you can still enjoy the full flavor of fragrant coffee with the clear brown color of pure clean coffee. Because most paper coffee companies today focus on user experience, they always "prove" to the market that their products are the "best" ensuring quality and safety in each filter bags of their products. If you wonder if the taste as well as the taste has changed, rest assured, no worries, we are 100% committed  that the paper filter coffee still retains the taste and taste inherently familiar without any problems. mixed, unaffected by other substances.

Meaningful gifts connecting love

There is nothing dearer than receiving a paper filter coffee box imbued with the homeland's identity. Using paper filters to make coffee today, filter coffee is not popular in many regions or other countries, but with a unique preparation unlike previous brews, it will create excitement for the recipient. gifts, will save time for busy people or "lazy" people. Especially for those who are not Vietnamese people but love Vietnamese culture and cuisine, paper filter coffee with the typical roasted coffee flavor of the red flag country 5-pointed yellow star this will be a very meaningful gift.

Paper filter coffee

Aeroco Coffee hopes that this article will help you get more information about paper filter coffee.


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