Vietnamese culture in a cup of filter coffee

Following the footsteps of the French who were introduced to Vietnam in the early decades of the 19th century, the soil of the Central Highlands is full of sunshine and wind, which has since nurtured a "Vietnamese soul" in specialty coffee beans. Through the ups and downs of time, filter coffee has become a typical cultural feature in the daily life of generations of Vietnamese people. Let's go back in history with Aeroco Coffee to revive a long-standing culture!

The original filter coffee was the crystallization of cultural interference
Back in 1857, coffee followed the French missionaries to Vietnam, through the changes of farming land, coffee found its true homeland, the fertile red basalt soil with the same climate. markedly temperate in two seasons - Central Highlands. Since then, coffee beans, despite being a foreign child, but nurtured by mother nature in Vietnam, have become a drink imbued with the cultural quintessence of the S-shaped country for generations. Vietnamese coffee is not only a cultural symbol, but also a senior in the world coffee production industry with an impressively large output.

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Coffee culture in the North and South
Before 1975, we saw that filter coffee was a distinguishing feature in people's daily life. At that time, in the North in general or in Hanoi in particular, it was very common for family cafes to prepare and serve themselves, taking the right name of the owner such as Giang coffee, Nhan coffee, Lam coffee, etc. … People like the cold weather, watching each bitter drop of time flow through the coffee filter in the simple family shops, although old but can't find that feeling anywhere else, where "the shop toads lie down with a verse". Anyone who has come back from far away also remembers the moment when sitting at a roadside restaurant, wandering aimlessly with endless stories, smoking a cigarette, then blowing the smoke into the air, sipping the familiar filter coffee. The smell of coffee is suffocating, the sweet coffee taste brings many peaceful features of an ancient land.

Hanoi coffee shop

Returning to the South to revive the once prosperous features of the Pearl of the Far East, to feel that filter coffee is not only wearing the contemplative coat of mossy Hanoi but also bustling in the inherent bustling life of Vietnam. a splendid Saigon. The filter coffee here is enjoyed in a very different way. The cafes are frequented by military officers, modern girls in Tran Le Xuan's ao dai, from Saigon intellectuals to notorious players in the Gypsy world, etc., they come together. Here to discuss business, exchange meetings, or simply enjoy the coffee hobby of bustling Saigon. It is said that for that reason, beside the cup of filter coffee, all boundaries of the rich and poor, the background of people in society seem to be erased, to find the true soul in this rustic drink.

Saigon coffee culture

Coffee filter in the subsidy period
After liberation, the days when the country was having difficulty rebuilding its economy, coffee beans have since become a luxury item and banned from doing business in the country. People no longer see cups of coffee in luxury shops, but only scattered cups of filtered coffee on the sidewalk, or people secretly, stealthily pass each other on. However, the beauty of coffee in this period is unchanged in the course of life, so people call filter coffee the Vietnamese culture - still smoldering despite the harsh difficulties of the times. . Coffee at this time is not only an awakening for a nation after a painful loss of country, but also the glue that binds loyal patriots.

From a toad shop to a Vietnamese brand
Going through many ups and downs of history, a companion in the lives of Vietnamese people has always had a firm foothold in the global coffee market, making Vietnam one of the top 5 major coffee producing countries. world and ranked first in Robusta production next to Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and the Dominican Republic according to ICO assessment.

Coffee - from a toad shop to a Vietnamese brand

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Although life revolves around, people are becoming more and more rushed as well as the acceptance of many new and more delicious drinks, few people have the time to sit and wait for the coffee drops to flow slowly through the filter. Traditional, but coffee in general or filter coffee in particular is still a precious thing that people often find as a part of the soul of Vietnamese people, bitter, sweet, and sour. ethereal but still fragrant as nature is.

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