The effect of green coffee on weight loss, whether it is as rumored?

Green coffee is a type of coffee that contains a lot of caffeine and chlorogenic substances, these two nutrients are very beneficial to health and are also known as antioxidants. This type of coffee is inherently unroasted, still whole and raw, so it still retains its inherent natural green color. Because it has not been processed, it still retains a lot of nutrients and is better for health. In addition to the unusual color compared to other types of coffee, green coffee also has a strange scent, it will be more similar to the taste of tea and the taste of coffee that we normally use. Following with Aeroco coffee to review some of the effects of green coffee for weight loss!

1. The weight loss effect

The weight loss effectiveness off green coffee beans

Because green coffee contains antioxidants, caffeine and chlorogenic, it will aid in weight loss.

In 2012, green coffee was marketed as a miracle drug to aid in weight loss, emerging from a talk show by Dr. Oz and a famous American doctor. However, there are many health experts who reject this idea of ​​the effect of green coffee on weight loss. Because there is not much scientific evidence yet.

There have been some animal studies done. And as a result, it does have an effect on weight loss as fat on their bodies, but for humans, there really isn't much evidence. There have also been some studies that have been tried by humans, but the results have been inconclusive. To ensure the safety of users, it is extremely important to do thorough research to draw conclusions.

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2. Reduce the risk of chronic disease

The effect of green coffee in addition to weight loss as mentioned above, it can also reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease that consumers should be concerned about.

In fact, the chlorogenic acid in green coffee is a substance with antioxidant properties that prevent free radicals from causing cell damage and regulate blood sugar levels.

A 2010 rat study was carried out, diabetic rats will be given a certain amount of chlorogenic acid to match the body, and as a result, they have balanced blood sugar levels. blood.

And to reach an objective conclusion, an 8-week study was conducted. Fifty people with metabolic syndrome, which includes high blood sugar, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease, were given 400mg of green coffee bean extract (decaffeinated) twice a day. . And finally, after 8 weeks, those who received the extract had significant improvements in health conditions such as reduced blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and reduced waist circumference compared to the control group. This study demonstrated the effect of green coffee in reducing the risk of chronic disease.

3. Other side effects

Side effects of green coffee

In addition to the divine effects indicated above, excessive abuse also causes many diseases. Just like roasted coffee, this green coffee also contains caffeine and this substance is quite high in each bean. Caffeine, if used in moderation, will help keep the body healthy, but too much will cause some side effects such as increased blood pressure, sleep disturbances, feelings of restlessness and anxiety, irritation, ringing in the ears. ,...

Consuming green coffee for a long time and in excess will cause the body to increase the accumulation of homocysteine, increasing the risk of heart disease and miscarriage.

Researchers conducted an animal study in rats for 2 months, these mice were given green coffee in large doses every day, as a result they had a decrease in calcium levels. Proof that green coffee, if used for a long time, can cause bone and joint diseases.

Many people are only interested in the effects of temporary green coffee, which are good for health, without understanding carefully, leading to abuse and causing unnecessary diseases.

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