Popular Vietnamese coffees

In Vietnam, when we talk about coffee, we will think of many types of coffee with different flavor characteristics. Coffee  has also gradually become a popular, familiar and favorite drink of many people, especially coffee connoisseurs will not be able to ignore the popular Vietnamese coffees on the market. Let's find out with Aeroco Coffee the most popular Vietnamese coffees today.

Cafe Arabica (Cafe che)

Referring to Vietnamese coffees, one can think of Arabica because this type of coffee has high economic value in Vietnam. The taste is sour and slightly bitter, the aroma of this coffee is similar to the smell of fruit or the smell of syrup is very elegant and attractive. So coffee lovers always love and appreciate this type of coffee and will be conquered by Arabica with its special aroma and taste.

Lam Dong is where coffee Arabica is grown a lot. Da Lat can be considered as a "paradise" for coffee, tea, high terrain, temperate climate all year round, suitable temperature. The factors of topography, climate or year-round rainfall are the factors that determine the taste of this coffee.

Types of Vietnamese coffee - Arabica

In addition, coffee Arabica is a very diverse coffee line in terms of types and some are grown in Vietnam such as:

  • Typica: Coffee beans contains a lot of malic acid, so it has an apple-like taste with sweetness and a mild bitter taste, an ecstatic and seductive aroma that only Typica has.
  • Bourbon: With Bourbon, it has a sweet, sour and pleasant taste with a variety of flavors such as vanilla, caramel, apple, pear, oak, cedar, malt... Therefore, the taste of Bourbon is considered as one of the best. quite sophisticated and different, can lead in the coffee world.
  • Mocha: In Vietnam, coffee Mocha is grown very little, mainly concentrated in Lam Dong (Cau Dat) region. With the right rainfall, altitude and especially basalt red soil, the Mocha seeds here have a sour taste of fruit, a combination of mild bitterness, not too harsh, moderate fatty taste, bringing a wonderful taste that anyone Anyone who likes to enjoy coffee must be super impressed.
  • Catimor: This coffee variety usually grows optimally at an altitude of 700-1000m, often giving high yields with delicious coffee quality. Because of these conditions, Catimor is widely grown in Vietnam. Catimor is also considered the "youngest brother" in the Arabica family and is also the coffee variety with the strongest vitality. Crossed between coffee Timor and Caturra varieties (Timor was bred from coffee Arabica and Robusta), Catimor possesses outstanding growth characteristics with good resistance to pests and diseases. Not only that, the taste of Catimor is also perfectly balanced between the sour taste of Timor and the sweetness of Caturra, which is rich enough not too bitter like purebred Robusta.

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Cafe Robusta (Cafe voi)
This is one of the most popular Vietnamese coffees as well as Arabica coffee. Unlike Arabica, Robusta is rated quite low in taste. Characteristic bitterness can add acrid and harsh taste. The scent will not be as fragrant as coffee tea, because after being processed, you can feel the faint aroma, but if you come close to smelling it, the smell is very strong like the smell of burnt rubber. Therefore, usually in Vietnam or abroad, coffee Robusta will be mixed with coffee Arabica to complement each other in taste and aroma to increase the attractiveness.

Although not appreciated for its taste, this type of coffee is easier to grow and care for than Arabica. The growing areas of Robusta coffee in Vietnam are as diverse as those in Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak, etc. With the characteristics of soil, suitable altitude and mild climate for growing this coffee variety. This place stands out for its basalt red soil with an altitude of 500-600m above sea level. The climate is cool and rainy, creating the most suitable conditions. In addition, depending on the soil in different regions, the taste of Robusta varies from region to region.

Cafe Robusta (Cafe voi)

Cafe Cherry (Cafe mit)
​​​​Cafe Cherry is also known as cafe mít because of its very distinctive aroma and taste that is difficult to confuse. This coffee has a faint aroma like the smell of jackfruit mixed with sour taste, giving people an indescribable feeling. Among Vietnamese coffees, this type is quite suitable for women or for those who like a mild taste because the taste of coffee is not too bitter. The amount of caffeine is also moderately lower than Robusta but higher than Arabica.

In our country, Cherry Tea is grown mainly in areas such as Nghe An, Quang Tri, Gia Lai, ... because the environmental conditions and climate are suitable for breeding this cafe. In the Central Highlands, due to unfavorable conditions for low yields, coffee Cherry is not grown much in this area.

Types of Vietnamese coffee - Cafe Cherry

Cafe Culi (Cafe Bi)
​​​​Cafe Culi is also known as "cafe Bi" because the appearance of this species is different from the usual Vietnamese coffee. In fact, Culi is a type of coffee belonging to Arabica or Robusta because during the development process it is not according to biology that mutations occur (rate from 1% to 8%), so the mutant plants will be called cafe Culi. Cafe Culi is due to a mutation, so each fruit has only one coffee bean  and the seeds have a round gourd shape like a marble. Types of coffee such as Arabica, Robusta or regular types have long and flat seeds, each fruit has two seeds.

Because there is only one seed in each fruit, the substances and flavors are accumulated. So coffee Culi has a richer, more bitter, fatty flavor. In particular, the caffeine content in coffee beans Culi is much higher than that of regular coffee beans Robusta, Arabica, Cherry. So coffee addicts will not be able to ignore this coffee .

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Through the above article, Aeroco Coffee hopes to provide you with useful information and hope that you will understand more, feel the taste of each type to enjoy coffee in the best way.

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