Learn about the characteristics of coffee beans in Vietnam

Each type of coffee bean has its own characteristics. If Arabica with attractive aroma, sour bar and less bitter taste, Robusta with stronger bitter taste but shorter aroma. The world of coffee is extremely rich and diverse, do you know the popular types of coffee beans in Vietnam and the unique characteristics of each type? Let's find out with Aeroco Coffee!

Learn about the characteristics of coffee beans in Vietnam

In Vietnam, coffee is grown on a small area, coffee exports and domestic consumption are also extremely large, but there are mainly 4 main types of coffee, other types of coffee beans. Each other will have their own unique characteristics not only in terms of biology but also in taste and aroma.

1. Robusta coffee beans

One of the most popular coffee beans in our country is Robusta, the most grown coffee in Vietnam, with a total annual production of more than 90%. This coffee variety is easy to cultivate, well adapted to the climate and soil on the red basalt soil, the rich Central Highlands with an altitude of 800-1000m above sea level.

Robusta one of the most popular coffee beans in Vietnam

Robusta coffee beans will have a round toilet shape, usually with 2 seeds in 1 fruit. After going through the processing process on modern production lines with high technology, Robusta coffee has been created with a bitter taste, not sour, a mild aroma and a brown color when mixed. With just enough caffeine content, it creates a unique coffee suitable for the taste of Vietnamese people.

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2. Arabica coffee beans

In the 30s of the last century, Arabica coffee beans appeared in Vietnam. In order to grow Arabica coffee, the following factors must be ensured: Located at an altitude of about 1,500m, the climate is cool all year round, the maximum temperature of the year does not exceed 33 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature is 5 degrees Celsius. The land of Cau Dat - Da Lat is the place where the highest quality Arabica coffee is produced in the country. With the higher the terrain, the colder the climate, the more excellent Arabica coffee beans are produced.

Beans Arabic Coffee

The preliminary processing of Arabica coffee beans requires a fermentation step by soaking the beans in water until they bloom, then washing and drying them. Due to that fermentation process, Arabica coffee has a very characteristic sour taste, mixed with bitterness, the coffee water when brewed will be light brown and clear like amber. One of the best quality coffee beans.

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3. Culi coffee beans

Culi coffee beans converge all the quintessence that nature has bestowed on the basalt red land. Coffee beans have a round shape, especially in each pod contains only one bean. Although it has a harsh taste, the aroma is extremely intoxicating, with a high caffeine content. And when brewed, the coffee water will be black in color.

Culi coffee beans

4. Cherry coffee beans

Among coffee beans, Cherry has the lowest commercial value due to uneven coffee beans, difficult processing and especially erratic and unstable taste. However, in terms of cultivation, this is a strong growing coffee, does not require much care, is drought tolerant and less susceptible to insect damage. Therefore, Cherry coffee is often grown in sunny and windy dry areas of the highlands.

Cherry coffee beans

Cherry coffee has a very different character and taste compared to other coffee beans. Coffee beans have a yellow color, when brewed, it creates a faint scent combined with the sour taste of cherry to give the drinker a feeling of refreshment.

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Above are the characteristics of popular coffee beans in Vietnam. Aeroco Coffee hopes to provide you with useful information through the article!

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