Instructions on how to make delicious Vietnamese coffee

Currently, coffee has become a drink so familiar and "close" to Vietnamese people ever since. The strong bitter taste on the tip of the tongue, the smell of almonds, the smell of earth spreading on a cup of coffee makes people ecstatic and makes people awake every time they take a sip of coffee… And just like that, coffee enters the hearts of Vietnamese people. Male gently, lovingly and tenderly. People enjoy coffee while working, when meeting and exchanging with partners, when chatting with friends and relatives. And coffee plays a big part in everyone's life and work. In addition, coffee is also a very unique culinary culture only in Vietnam such as street coffee, egg coffee, iced milk coffee, etc. But have you ever wondered, how to make it? Does the coffee have a strong flavor? Let's learn how to make strong coffee with Aeroco Coffee.

To make the best coffee, you need to understand coffee correctly

It will be remiss if you ignore the raw stage of the shop because this is a decisive factor to the quality of the finished product as well as the way to make delicious coffee. Especially in business cafes, the main ingredient is a big difference to attract customers compared to other competitors.

Popular types of coffee today:

Each type of coffee bean gives a different taste. If the traditional system likes the aroma, you can use roasted coffee to make the filter, if the modern style, you can make the machine with coffee beans. Or the right version can buy both types to use. Once you have determined the variation style, you should learn about the typical scents of each popular coffee shop today:

  • Culi bean coffee initially has a bitter taste, a strong aroma, and later has a sweet taste. This is a coffee with bold Vietnamese identity, suitable for those who like to enjoy strong coffee.
  • Voi coffee beans have a strong bitter taste, a gentle aroma and a sweet aftertaste.
  • Arabica coffee beans have sweet and sour taste, passionate aroma.

The market today appears many lines of coffee with additives that are not guaranteed in terms of taste and quality, affecting the health of users. Want to distinguish pure coffee line, you can rely on the following special points:

  • Coffee powder has a light aroma.
  • Coffee water is light brown, not thick.
  • The taste when felt is slightly sour, slightly bitter, to relieve colds, clean.
  • Long sink when ground coffee in water at normal temperature.

Pure coffee beans

How to choose the right filter and cup of coffee to brew

Properly selected filters and cups also help you make delicious filter coffee, with better flavor retention. You should use a porcelain cup and choose a filter made of stainless steel, the type with small holes, the compression part and the bottom part are separate so that the coffee powder is effectively compressed, producing every drop of pure coffee.

If you do business, you should choose a large filter that will help you make more coffee at the same time, serving the needs of customers in time.

If you choose to make coffee on your own to enjoy, you should choose a small filter that will help you make just enough coffee for you to enjoy every day, without excess because if left for a long time, the coffee will lose its flavor.

How to choose coffee ingredients

This is the most important first step in the right direction on how to make good coffee. Because the main ingredient is the deciding factor in how to grind the beans as well as how to make good coffee. If the coffee beans are of poor quality, it will directly affect the taste of coffee, even affecting health. Therefore, special care must be taken when choosing raw materials.

It is best to choose to buy clean, clear-origin coffee at official distribution stores, companies specializing in providing reputable and quality coffee. Or buy coffee at the garden, famous coffee company. Why? That is because the market is now flooded with poor quality products, greatly affecting the quality of coffee when brewed.

Note when grinding coffee beans

The secret to great coffee flavor lies not in the extraction process, but in the brewing process in hot water. Because there are many types of coffee, the taste is also different, some are bitter, some are sweet. If you do not know how to grind the beans, it will be difficult for you to have the desired cup of coffee.

When roasting coffee beans, you should not let them be too large because this will not bring the desired aroma and taste of coffee. The seeds that are not too finely ground will give a bitter taste when brewed and have a lot of foam in the glass of water, affecting the taste of coffee. Therefore, depending on the type of grain, choose the appropriate grinding method.

Coffee is best preserved when in its whole bean form, while in the roasted state, it will be dehumidified and affected by the environment to lose the aroma of coffee. Therefore, it is necessary to pack coffee beans after roasting carefully to avoid outside air entering the interior and affecting the quality.

Water is an important factor contributing to the formation of a good cup of coffee

This is one of the important ways to make coffee that many people often ignore and consider unnecessary. But did you know that if using unsafe coffee water, the type of boiled tap water that flows out directly from the faucet greatly affects the quality and taste of coffee.

In addition, water contaminated with alum or poor quality water should not be used, but instead, clean water should be used, water stored in clean barrels or tanks. Only then can you achieve the coffee flavor you desire and ensure the health of the user.

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The right way to make good coffee

Enjoying a cup of coffee is something that many people enjoy, this drink is very popular with everyone from young to old, men and women have a strange love for coffee. The combination of the sweetness of sugar and the bitter taste of coffee gives users a delicious and attractive drink. How to make good coffee, first of all, the ingredients used are not marinated with any other additives, must ensure that the ingredients are completely clean. Especially:

If it is raw coffee beans, you need to choose carefully, do not choose moldy ones, choose plump coffee beans with colors depending on the preferences of the drinker.

If you buy ground coffee, the requirement is that it is neither too fine nor too coarse because the fineness and coarseness of the coffee greatly affect how delicious coffee is made.

How to make coffee

How to make coffee

Step 1: Using boiling water to rinse the coffee filter, you need to thoroughly rinse both the filter lid and the filter, to increase the temperature of the filter, so that when brewing, the coffee will receive the most standard heat.

This is the step that people skip a lot because they think this step is not important. However, to have a delicious cup of hot black coffee, you should not ignore it. How to make standard black coffee, you have to go through this step.

Step 2: Put the coffee into the filter, then gently shake the filter to spread the coffee evenly, then gently press the filter lid, note the right amount of pressure, do not press too hard, it will make the coffee too strong, if you press lightly will make the coffee crushed pale.

Step 3: Brew coffee: Pour 160ml of 100-degree boiling water into the filter, pour it slowly in a circle with boiling water about 20%, then stop, wait 30-60 seconds for the coffee to infuse and then pour again. Boiling water remaining 80% until the water runs out. Then wait for the coffee to dissolve.

Step 4: Enjoy: When the coffee filter has dissolved, you can add sugar or milk to drink it hot.

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These are the ways to make authentic Vietnamese coffee. Aeroco Coffee hope that the article will help you make a delicious cup of coffee every morning for yourself.


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