Find out the types of coffee machine - Which is the best?

What I do every day: A cup of coffee in the morning, every day. Surely none of you here doesn't drink cafe, right? Every time I go to bed, I can feel the faint scent of coffee here. Yes, I am officially a coffee addict. With today's fast-paced life, it's probably difficult to drink a cup of coffee in the morning, right? With the need to have a good quality but still fast cup of coffee, machine coffee was born. Just like that, coffee machines have taken the throne.

This article will help you know: What is the difference between a coffee machine and a filter? What types of coffee machines are popular in the market?

What is the difference between a coffee machine and a filter?

There is no such thing as a better machine or a better filter, it all comes down to personal taste. Machine phase or filter phase both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

What is the difference between a coffee machine and a filter?

Coffee Phine

As the most popular brewing method today, it is very easy to have a cup of coffee right at home. Just need coffee powder and a filter. Very low cost and convenient. Put the coffee powder into the filter, gently squeeze and pour boiling water in, wait for the water to soak through the coffee powder, drip into the glass already placed below. That's it, you have a delicious cup of coffee right away. Cleaning is also very easy. But this way of mixing will take a long time, and the taste is not bold, not pure.

Coffee Make machine

With fast brewing time, it is very suitable for places like offices, restaurants, hotels, etc. In return for that speed is the cost of a very expensive machine, you can hardly find the ingredients. type of coffee making machine at sidewalk shops. But today, many shop owners are also very willing to play, even if it is simply a mobile sales counter, but invest in an expensive coffee machine.

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What types of coffee making machines are popular on the market?

There are countless options for coffee brewering machines imbued with Vietnamese culture today. Quality coffee beans are a must-have input for a standard coffee maker. Let's explore the "coffee world" together!

Classic Espresso Machine Coffee

One of the first machine-mixed coffees to mention is Classic Espresso, a combination of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans grown in the Gia Lai highlands, harvested when the ripening rate reaches 95%. Coffee beans are naturally dried whole, or processed with Honey, that is, when the pods are removed, but a part of the flesh and mucus remains when lying on the drying rack. This type of coffee machine is slow-out with chocolate flavor creating an extremely attractive scent.

Classic Espresso machine coffee

Coffee Robusta machine

Just by hearing the name, you already know what the ingredients are, right? With 100% roasted Robusta beans, because it is a machine, it must be selected, the coffee beans must be of high quality. The rate of even ripening must also reach 95%. Drying is similar to Classic Espresso. These coffee beans have a dark brown color, a slightly bitter taste, which will make your working day full of energy.

Robusta coffee machine

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Coffee Arabica machine

Arabica is one of the types of machine-brewed coffee, grown on the plateau at an altitude of 1,300 to 1,600 in Cau Dat, Lam Dong province. Coffee beans with 100% are processed wet, dried in a closed house to ensure a stable temperature for high quality and standard coffee beans.

Arabica machine coffee

Types of coffee machines at Aeroco Coffee

At Aeroco Coffee, the coffee beans that reach consumers will be produced under an extremely strict management process from nutrition, plant selection, collection, preliminary processing, raw material preservation until finished product. All processes are recorded in a diary, to both ensure product quality and protect consumers' health.

The brewed coffees at Aeroco Coffee are the perfect blend of Robusta and Arabica beans, we apply modern roasting techniques to create a flavor that combines the typical flavor with The taste is slightly sour but still retains a strong aftertaste when enjoying, a "right taste" flavor of Vietnamese coffee.

Currently,  Aeroco Coffee has been processing and producing 4 types of machine coffee with different blends of ratio between Robusta beans and Arabica beans, depending on the enjoyment needs that customers can choose for themselves. suitable coffee machines.

Coffee Roasted beans with machine and A2 filter

  • Ingredients: 100% Arabica (THA1, Catimor).

Coffee beans roasted with machine and filter A3

  • Ingredients: 80% arabica - 20% robusta.

Coffee beans roasted with machine and filter A4

  • Ingredients: 50% arabica - 50% robusta.

Coffee beans roasted with A9 machine

  • Ingredients: 85% Robusta - 15% Arabica.

So we know the popular types of coffee machine on the market today. Hope the above information helps you!

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