Elements that make a good cup of coffee

Coffee is a popular drink that is often used in the morning or late at night because coffee contains caffeine to help users stay mentally alert. However, many people often do not know how to distinguish a good cup of coffee. Join Aeroco Coffee to learn what a good cup of coffee is?

What is a good cup of coffee?

Good coffee is only when there are five factors that are sweet, sour, bitter, rich taste and aroma.

What elements do good coffee need?

1. Sweet

In coffee beans, sugar accounts for 6% to 9% by weight. Therefore, when enjoying a good cup of coffee, you will feel a little sweetness at the tip of your tongue. However, to get a quality and delicious cup of coffee, it is necessary to ensure both of the following processes:

The process of harvesting ripe coffee berries:

  • The time when the coffee fruit has the best nutrition is the time when the coffee is ripe and needs to be harvested. Therefore, in order to know which coffee beans are ripe and need to be harvested, hand-picking will help ensure the highest ripening rate of coffee cherries. This first step is also the most important step that any roaster wants to get the best cup of coffee.
  • However, because of difficulties in growing areas as well as labor, in many places coffee farmers often harvest all coffee berries on all trees including ripe and green ones. This will lose the inherent deliciousness of a cup of coffee.
  • Process of preliminarily processing ripe coffee berries: There are many different preliminary processing methods to get the desired coffee flavor. However, many people often use two popular methods: the Natural method, which will dry the ripe fruit and separate the flesh of the dried fruit. The second method is the Honey Process method, which will remove the peel of the ripe fruit but still retain the surrounding sweet viscous substance and then dry it according to the ratio.

2. Sour

The sour taste is created from the roasting process of coffee beans, which will change the acidic composition of the coffee beans. The sour taste of light-colored roasted coffee beans will be more sour than dark-colored coffee beans. Depending on the type of coffee, there will be different sour flavors and when it comes to sour taste, people will remember Arabica coffee because it has more acidity than Robusta. However, the current taste that Vietnamese people prefer is not sour, but bitter and rich coffee.

3. Bitter

The caffeine in coffee is one of the ingredients that make up the bitter taste of a good cup of coffee. In addition, caffeine also has the effect of helping users stay awake when drinking. Because of that, coffee is often favored by people who need to focus and work late. Coffee seems to become a popular and irreplaceable drink in our lives.

4. Rich taste

The strong taste in coffee often converges in many stages to create coffee beans with rich flavor. From the stage of picking the first ripe fruit to preliminary processing is also a part of creating the rich taste of coffee. To get a good cup of coffee will depend on how the coffee is made. In Vietnam, many people will choose to make coffee with a stainless steel filter, because the stainless steel filter keeps the hot water temperature longer and helps the coffee receive a better temperature when brewing, thereby creating a cup of coffee with a strong flavor. richer and more aromatic.

5. Fragrance

Finally, the aroma factor is an indispensable factor to create a delicious cup of coffee. Each type of coffee will have a different aroma and taste. Depending on the preferences of each person will choose for themselves the type of coffee that they like.

Elements of a cup of coffee

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Aeroco Coffee the brand chosen and trusted by many people

Coffee from Aeroco Coffee farm is produced according to a strictly managed process from the first stages of nutritional coffee beans, selecting the best varieties, harvesting, preliminary processing and preservation of raw materials and finished coffee products. Quality and delicious coffee. All processes to make delicious coffee beans are recorded in a diary and ensure product quality as well as protect the health of consumers.

Brand Aeroco Coffee

  • The coffee garden at the farm is consulted by experts from the Central Highlands Agro-Forestry Science Institute.
  • Product quality coffee beans, in the process of harvesting the red ripe berries have a rate of over 95%.
  • Preliminarily processed, classified and classified the damaged and light fruits, washed away dust and bacteria on coffee berries.
  • Coffee beans are carefully selected clean, glossy, free of impurities and then dried and preserved.

Aeroco Coffee is a brand trusted and chosen by many people, always delivering excellent quality in every cup of coffee.

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