5 factors that make up a good "standard" cup of coffee

Coffee is considered a beverage that is loved by many people in many countries around the world. In each place, there will be different ways to enjoy the taste of coffee, but in general, there are still must-have elements to create a good cup of coffee. Let's find out with Aeroco Coffee through the article below!

What is good coffee?

What is good coffee?

It can be said that good coffee is a combination of the freshness of coffee beans with a balance between bitterness, sourness and a little sweetness and aroma. In addition, depending on the taste of coffee of each person, there will be different evaluations of the deliciousness.

A good cup of coffee will have to meet and balance the elements: Sweet, bitter, sour, rich and aromatic.

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Elements that make up a good cup of coffee

1. Sweetness

In green coffee beans, sugar will account for 6% - 9% of the weight, this factor will brings sweetness in the cup of coffee when brewed. And this sweetness will be most easily felt at the tip of the tongue. Diners can use the method of making coffee with filter paper, to have the best experience.

From the perspective of production, the sweetness of coffee will be determined by two important stages: harvesting ripe fruit and properly processing the amount of ripe fruit that has been harvested.

Harvesting Coffee

Harvesting ripe fruit: During the season, the coffee cherries will be harvested at the ripe time and the fruit gets the most nutrients from the tree. Therefore, when harvested by hand, the highest ripening rate is guaranteed. It is an important first step to making a good cup of coffee and is what any roaster wants to have.

Proper processing: Depending on the desired coffee flavor, there will be different pre-processing methods. For sweetness, the most commonly chosen preliminary processing method is: Natural (drying ripe fruit, separating the flesh of the fruit) or Honey Process (removing the ripe fruit to leave a sweet viscous substance surrounding the seeds and then drying, depending on the taste). ratio).

2. Bitter taste

A good cup of coffee is definitely indispensable for bitterness, many people mistakenly think that this bitter taste is caused by burning during roasting or because coffee has been mixed with impurities. However, the bitter taste of coffee is due to the high caffeine content present in coffee. Caffeine present in the coffee plant has the effect of fighting insect attack. The higher the coffee plant, the less caffeine it will produce. Therefore, Arabica coffee will usually have a lower caffeine percentage than Robusta coffee (1.2% vs 2.2%).

Robusta has a higher caffeine content than Arabica

Since knowing the caffeine in coffee has the effect of helping us stay awake and creative, we have begun to turn coffee into an indispensable and almost irreplaceable drink.

In Vietnam, people will often choose to enjoy Robusta coffee, first because Robusta coffee accounts for 93% of planted and produced output and Vietnam is the second largest exporter of Robusta in the world. Second, a cup of coffee made from 100% Robusta will bring bitterness, boldness and high caffeine content, as strong as the name itself.

However, in countries around the world, the bitter taste of coffee is not favored. And taste will often favor Arabica coffee. Arabica not only brings attractive aroma such as: Chocolate, fruit flavor, ... but also has mild acidity and lower caffeine content.

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3. Sour

Different types of delicious coffee will have different sour flavors. And when it comes to sour taste, people will immediately remember Arabica, which has much more acidity than Robusta coffee.

Sour taste is not currently a favorite flavor for many Vietnamese, especially when Vietnamese people are used to the bitter and rich taste of Robusta. The Vietnamese capital Arabica user is not familiar, a kind of coffee is grown only in some high mountains and colder climates such as Cau Dat - Dalat, Son La, Dien Bien, ...

4. Bold

Thedark The momentum of good coffee is reflected in the taste of the drinker and the method of coffee preparation. Some people choose pure coffee, not mixed with any spices. Some people choose traditional coffee to enjoy the rich and aromatic taste.

5. Aroma

The scent in coffee is extremely rich and diverse. Arabica coffee alone has more than 800 scents from many different varieties. We will easily encounter the flavor of black tea and chocolate from Cau Dat Arabica coffee. 

The taste of good coffee will be recognized in 3 stages: Immediately after the beans are ground into powder, after preparation and aftertaste after enjoying.

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A good standard cup of coffee must be made from elements from input materials to the final product. At the same time, a good cup of coffee not only depends on the taste but also depends on the mood of the person enjoying it. Depending on everyone's taste, there will be different taste ratings.


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